Privacy Policy

ECCTG holds and uses information about members including phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses. We use this information to:
• send members information about club, area and national British Riding Club (BRC) events and news.
• send members reminders about upcoming competitions and duty day obligations.
• request information from members, e.g. about their preferences for future opportunities, representing the club on teams or providing help at competitions.
• keep BRC informed of our membership.

We share information with BRC so that they can communicate with members about their membership (sending them their annual membership card and quarterly Rider magazine for example) and ensure all those competing in area and national events are eligible to take part.

We share members’ phone numbers within the club membership group, via the annual programme, so that members may contact each other (for example to swap duty days).

If you have any queries about this, or want us to change how we use your date, please contact Alison Unwin.