Being in a team

ECCTG is affiliated to British Riding Clubs and is a member of Area 20 which includes clubs from Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and North Wales.  Our Area holds qualifying competitions for the BRC Championships for Dressage, Dressage to Music, Showjumping, Eventing and Hunter Trials. There are regional opportunities in Endurance too.

We have some fantastic teams and have had a lot of success over the years. Plus there is always a great team spirit and lots of fun to be had so do get involved! Get in touch with the relevant chef d’equipe (contact details for them are on the team pages  and the committee page) to let them know you are interested. They will be able to give you full details of all competitions, dress, saddlery and tack, eligibility of horse and rider, and dates of Area Qualifiers.

There is lots of information that Chef d’Equipes need to complete entries – we ask you to help them by filling in the Team Application Form. When you confirm your entry for a Qualifier, your chef needs your name, horse’s name – and it must be the one on the vaccination cert, – your BRC membership number (please take your Membership Card to both area and national competitions) and any BE points, BD points, BSJA winnings as relevant.

For information about each of the particular teams, follow these links:


A couple of vital points for anyone wanting to be in a team:

First – TIMING!  Preliminary entries have to be made to Head Office by 30th June or 21 days before the Area Qualifier, whichever comes first.  So – your chef d’equipe needs to know you want to compete and have your details well in advance of the qualifier date in the programme.  Please be proactive and contact the relevant chef yourself – don’t wait to be asked!

Second – VACCINATION CERTIFICATES! Each horse must have a valid vaccination certificate which undeniably relates to the horse, completed, signed and stamped on each line by a vet who is not the owner of the animal. It must state that the horse has received two injections for primary vaccination against Equine Influenza given no less than 21 days and no more than 92 days apart.  Only these two injections need to have been given before the horse may compete.  In addition a first booster injection must be given not less than 150 days and no more than 215 days after the second injection of the primary vac.  Subsequently booster injections must be given at intervals of not more than 6 months and 21 days apart commencing after the first booster injection.  None of these injections must have been given within the preceding 7 days, including the day of the competition or entry into the competition stables. 

Third – CHAMPIONSHIPS! Those who do well at area competitions will qualify for the national championships and will be expected to represent both ECCTG and Area 20 at the finals. The number of teams and individuals that qualify depends on the number of starters and the eligibility of all competitors. Those entering area qualifiers should make note of the championship dates and ensure they are able to compete at the championships, should they qualify. Historically, the club has done well at both qualifiers and nationals and taking part in the Championships is always good fun!

There are opportunities for additional pre-championship training for those that qualify and each chef d’equipe offers support to both teams and individuals preparing to take part. The club pays the entry fee for championships and provides a subsidy towards stabling/travel fees.

4 – VOLUNTEERS! It is a condition of team entries at area qualifiers that clubs provide volunteers to help run the competition; the number of volunteers that the club must supply at each qualifier depends on the discipline and the overall number of entries. Show jumping and dressage, for example, usually only require one helper per team, whereas horse trials requires one helper per rider. It is sometimes the case that the organiser of the aRea competition does not need to allocate a job to every nominated helper. In these instances, the organiser allocates roles equally across clubs and the individual chef d’equipe then allocates these roles across their list of helpers as fairly as possible.

Where members have difficulty finding an available person to be their nominated helper, we would encourage them to work together, for example by exchanging area duties where possible with competitors in other disciplines, or by asking other members to swap ordinary duty days with them. Contact details of all members are available in the back of the programme, or from the secretary and the committee is happy to assist by posting notices on the website or social media.

Please do not be alarmed by any of this – it is all very simple really (!)  The Qualifiers and particularly the Championships are great – you WILL have an excellent time!