Novice winter dressage

Calling all dressage divas for the area dressage qualifier running at Somerford Park Farm on Sunday 6th November run by ECCTG. Championships at Arena UK on 1st-2nd April 2023.

5 Dressage Tests:

Intro C 2016 (Individual Only)

Prelim 7 2002 (Team or Individual)

Prelim 12 2005 (Team or Individual)

Novice 24 2010 (Team or Individual)

Novice 27 2007 (Team or Individual)

*Each team consists of 4 members with one rider per test – we can have multiple teams!!

*You can enter more than one test 

*Please check yourself and your horse for BD points – let us know if they have any so we can check eligibility

Entry fees:

£25 per team test

£27 per individual test

Entries closing date is 14th October 2022 – but need to know ASAP!

Please contact Corrie and Ciara if you are interested :

Ciara is helping me as she broke her leg on Sunday!  She is bored in the evenings, so she can help me – I now have no time at all! 😊

Just a note to add that there is a helper rota provided to each club so we will spread this out between all riders to make it fair (it normally works out roughly 1 hour per person and we make around your times!).

Flu vaccination policy is per BRC rules; 12 months, except for those due after 1st September 2022, which have an up to 3 month extension due to the vaccine shortage

Area 20 Novice Winter Dressage Qualifier

The novice winter dressage qualifier will be held at Somerford on 6th October – contact Corrie McLellan if you want to represent ECCTG; the schedule is here.

New Result: Show Jumping – 18th September

Area Show Jumping – 9th October

Classes from 70cm-110cm, at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre

Contact Gwen asap if you would like to represent the club at this area qualifier.

Autumn and Winter Competitions

The schedule for forthcoming competitions is as follows:

18th September – Show jumping

1st October – Area Arena Eventing at Kelsall (entries closed; good luck to all members competing)

9th October – Area Show Jumping at Kelsall (contact Gwen)

16th October – Wendy Ashton Memorial Combined Training (incorporating separate dressage and show jumping classes)

6th November – Area Dressage (Somerford)

13th November – Show jumping

27th November – Dressage

11th December – Show jumping

Show jumping: clear round and then classes from 70cm to 120cm

Dressage: prelim to medium, with PYO tests at higher levels on request. Test details for each competition to be confirmed.

Please note, duty days were suspended during the covid pandemic to support social distancing. We have relied on the committee and keen volunteers to run competitions throughout this time however in order to ensure we can continue offering as many competitions without over-burdening those few people, we are re-introducing duties.

We ask that each member help for half an hour before or after they ride and times will be allocated that allow sufficient time to warm up/put horse away etc. You will be asked to state your preference for helping before or after competing when you enter. Volunteers to support competitions are very much welcomed – contact Alison if you’d like to help.

Arena Eventing Qualifier 2022

Saturday 1st October at Kelsall Hill Equestrian

Please confirm if you would like to compete by e-mail to Libby (, giving your horse’s name as it is on the passport, horse’s microchip number and your membership number to make Libby’s life easier!

70,80,90 100 classes (you can check your eligibility on page 94 of the BRC Handbook
Entry fee is £30.50 per team member, £34.00 if an individual (Team= £10.50 prelim plus £20 Area, individuals are £12.00 prelim plus £22.00 Area). Payment via Horse Monkey; link coming soon

One helper per team or per 4 individuals must be provided. Some help will be needed the day before – if this suits anyone the sooner we volunteer the more likely we are to get it!

Hoping to arrange a training session in September if members like the idea!

Championships March 2023 at Aston le Walls.

Dressage to music qualifier

The schedule for the dressage to music qualifier is here – all queries to Corrie ( asap – entries close 15th July