Club rules

Conduct of members

No member of the ECCTG shall:

  1. Conduct him/herself at a show in a manner which is offensive to the public or other members
  2. Argue, use abusive or threatening language, and behave with incivility or contempt towards officials or other members.
  3. Conduct him/herself in a manner which is detrimental to the character and/or prejudicial to the interests of the club.
  4. Ill-treat in any way a horse at a competition, either inside or outside the arena.
  5. Any abuse of horses should be reported to a member of the committee or the organiser.


Non-members must make their entries with the organiser’s consent and are responsible for familiarising them with the club rules.

Non-members will be charged £5.00 per day in addition to the standard entry fee.  They must also produce proof of their own insurance, as they will not be covered by the club’s BHS insurance.

Non-members must be aged 16 or above and must be on horses (14.2hh+).

If entries have to be limited, members have priority; non-members will only be accepted if there are spaces for them.