Competition Rules

General Rules

All competitions are run in accordance with BRC rules, unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

Show jumping will have a separate jump off, unless otherwise stated in the schedule, or if entries dictate that it must be run single phase (ie a timed second half of the course, to which all competitors may proceed unless eliminated in the first half).

Combined Training

The dressage and jumping phases that make up this competition must be ridden in that order. The same horse and rider combination must complete both phases. Elimination from one phase involves elimination from the whole competition. Each phase will be conducted in accordance with the rules for that discipline from British Riding Clubs.

Scoring for Combined Training
  • The marks for the dressage phase are totalled in the normal manner
  • Any faults incurred in the jumping phase are deducted from the marks awarded for the dressage phase
  • If the final score gives equality of marks to two or more competitors, the classification is decided by the highest marks for the dressage test
  • If there is still equality, the fastest time in the jumping test determines the result.