Entries and entry fees


For dressage and combined training, entries must be made and paid for no later than the Tuesday preceding the competition. Entries should be made to the organiser or entries secretary as stated in the fixture list. Entries can be made via Horse Monkey (the direct link for each event can be found in the calendar entry) or post and cheque.

Please respect the organisers when entering! Please do not call or text after 9pm or before 9am. The organisers give up their time to run these events so your cooperation would be appreciated.

For show jumping, entries should be made no later than the Wednesday preceding the competition. Entries may be accepted after this date, including on the day itself, but these will incur an additional £2 late entry surcharge for the day.

If riders enter but fail to turn up at the competition, they are deemed responsible for the payment of the entry fee. In some circumstances, eg winter dressage, early entries are advisable.

Please be considerate of the organisers’ busy schedule.  Where necessary, leave all your entry details on an answer machine or try again later.  Please do not ask the Organiser to phone you back unless it is an emergency.


DRESSAGE                £15.00
SHOW JUMPING     £12.00
COMBINED TRAINING £25.00 (to include entry into separate dressage and show jumping classes)
OTHER EVENTS      Check programme or schedule

First Aid Contribution (if applicable):  £2 per competitor
Non-members:    Entry Fee plus £5 ‘day ticket’
Non-member competitors must have their own third party insurance or membership of the BHS, BE, BD, PC or BHS RC etc.