PayPal Instructions

We now accept PayPal payment for pre-payment of dressage entry, training sessions and membership.

Instructions for making a PayPal payment to the club

Please note, before making any payment, you should contact the organiser of the competition/training to ensure there are spaces available and to make your entry. Once your entry is confirmed, then:

1. Login to your own PayPal account. If you do not already have an account, you can sign up for one here

2. Click the “Send Money” tab

3. Type “” in the email address box

4. Type the amount you wish to pay in the Amount box. You can add entry fees together into a single transaction but remember each payment will need to include a £1 transaction fee (or else you will be sent a request for the outstanding £1 and an extra £1 to cover that transaction on top!)

5. Select the option “I’m paying for goods or services”

6. Click “Continue”

7. On the next page, choose where your funds for this payment should be taken from

8. Click “Choose address” and from the list that appears select the “No physical delivery required” option

9. Complete the “Email to recipient” section. It is essential that you complete this to provide details of what you are paying for, otherwise we will have no means of confirming what payment is for and may recharge you. Please make the subject of the email your name and the name/date of the competition/training session you are entering. In the body of the email you should provide details of what you are paying for – e.g. the class(es) you are entering, the name of your horse(s) and confirmation of what amount you are sending.

10. Click “Send money”

11. A confirmation email will have been sent to your own email inbox, confirming the amount paid, and containing a copy of the email that was sent to the club. Please forward this email to the competition/training organiser as proof of payment, to secure your entry. Organisers don’t necessarily have access to the club’s PayPal to check your payment went through.