Duty days

All members will be given duty days.  It is each member’s responsibility to look through the programme and make a note of all his/her duty days. You can use the search function on this website to find the days you have been allocated. You must contact the organiser before the date given. If the duty day is inconvenient you may change with another member or arrange for a competent substitute to take his/her place, but please ensure the organiser is aware of this change.

Your duty is for the full duration of the competition unless the organiser tells you otherwise. Please make sure that you report to the organiser as soon as you arrive on duty. You may only compete at a competition at which you are on duty if you have the organiser’s permission and you have a competent person to stand in for you while you are riding.

If you are not renewing your membership, please inform Alison Unwin as soon as possible, so that your duty day can be reallocated.

NB: Members failing to report for and carry out their duty will be suspended until they have completed a new duty day which will be allocated to them. If this happens more than once, they are liable to have their membership terminated.