Information for organisers

Please could all organisers check this website, the current Programme and the current BRC rulebook to make sure they are up to date with any new rules that may have been introduced either by British Riding Clubs or by our individual Club since they last organised!


If you would like a reminder for your event to be circulated by e-mail, on the website or Facebook, please contact Alison/Brook.

We would be grateful if organisers could e-mail Brook  the webmaster with start times (Dressage) and numbers (Show Jumping) so these could be on the website on whatever day you have informed the folks entering your competition they will be there (i.e. the Thursday or Friday before your event).  Please state that these are numbers to date for the show jumping, as there may be entries on the day.

Venue Owners

As organiser it is your responsibility to make contact with the venue owner. You need to liaise with your venue owner about the following points;

  • Cancellation – this will of course always be at the landowner’s discretion if we have been invited to hold a competition on a member’s land  If we are at Somerford or Alsager or Arclid, liaise accordingly.
  • When will cancellation decision be made etc, timings and any particular wishes of the owner.
  • Has a risk assessment been performed at the venue?
  • Where is the parking to be?
  • Where will the secretary’s box be situated?
  • Are there any hazards?
  • Do they need any warning signs or roping off?
  • Should there be anything down in writing?  If walking a course applies, check when ready and convenient.

Road Signs

It is helpful to have a sign on the road indicating where to turn in and park – and a steward if there is any danger!!

Organisers Box

As organiser it is your responsibility to liaise  with Jenny Benoy re delivery of the organiser’s box.

  • Check the box on arrival – you know how many entries you have particularly for dressage – are the scoring sheets present and are there enough and are they the right ones??
  • If you have a riding test or style jumping advise  Jenny a few weeks before to give her a chance to obtain the required sheets.
  • Check there are enough rosettes
  • Is the phone in the box? Charge it the night before and have it with you switched on during the competition. It should not be used for contacting people or texting but for answering or making emergency calls.
  • If showjumping, have you a decent measuring tape/stick, and 2 stopwatches in working order?  Will there be a course already set, or who will be your course builder for the event?


Entries for dressage must be made and paid for in advance of the Tuesday preceding the competition. Phone entries should not be accepted – only postal entries with a cheque or online entries via Horse Monkey (queries about Horse Monkey should be directed to Brook Howells;

First Aid

Know your First Aider/s for the day and make sure there is cover at all times. Your First Aider should not leave the field whilst he/she is ‘on duty’ – if first aiders are sharing duty make sure the organiser is aware who is covering the duty at all times.  If you are struggling with cover call Libby or Alison.


Although you should not need to contact your helpers, if you have not heard from them in good time, please get in touch with them – this gives a chance to problem solve if needed.  New members may not understand that if they are unable to help on their given day they need to arrange a substitute, or  swap with another member.. If you need helpers before the event to build courses etc. sort this out in good time and make sure you leave enough help for the day itself.  Remind all helpers that they are not expected to leave as soon as the last horse has finished and ensure that you are clear with them what their duties are after the event, such as stacking poles, moving dressage arenas etc.

On arrival, brief helpers about their duties  and responsibilities and whom to ask if they need help. Don’t assume that they are as familiar with Club events as you are or that they are able to deal with all situations. Try and establish what they can and can’t do before allocating them a role. Try and put a strong character on the collecting ring!

Of course it need not be stated that you will look after your helpers – remind them to come ready for all elements (weather not disciplines!!) and let them know if any refreshments are available/provided so they will know what sustenance they need to bring for the day!  If the elements are particularly unkind, try and limit individual exposure by some judicious job changing!

Show Jumping

Don’t forget competitors are not restricted in their entries now. Members and nonmembers are also welcome to enter additional classes on the day (see programme for fees). If there is show jumping at your event, it will in all probability be at a venue with show jumps already set up and ready – but if not, confirm when the jumps are arriving, advise the venue owner to confirm the time is OK and find out if help is required at that time, who is course building, what timing equipment is to be used (probably just stop watches) and decide where your course plans are to be displayed. Alison is the best person with whom to check re whose jumps we are using – usually Sue Barratts – and you need to ask Alison whether she has had contact with Sue re delivery and course building for your particular event, or if you need to liaise with Sue yourself. At Somerford, Alsager and Arclid, make sure a suitable course is either already built and ready, or you have a course builder and helpers organised at a time known to all concerned. All rounds are to be timed – first included – for the minor placings – make sure your helpers know how to use the watches provided, that they know where to start and stop them – for example does the time start when the rider passes a point or is it the horse’s head or tail etc etc??   We need an experienced judge at every event – and to be sure in advance whether it is one round and jump off, or a two phase competition.  If in doubt, contact a Club official..  Make sure your practice fences are flagged red on the right and are placed with health and safety in mind!

Float and entries on the day

You need to have a float!  Make sure you and the helper taking the entries know the entry fee for each class – have your riding club book handy to check if necessary!  You may accept entries on the day for show jumping competitions – but remember that all on- the- day- entries  pay extra – including members.  If a member who has entered one class before the day wishes to enter another on the day, entry fee will be as per programme – no additional fee.


Non-members may now ride competitively and will receive rosettes and placings.  They will not, however, be awarded any points.  They must also sign the guest book before they get on their horses.  Non-members must abide by the same entry rules and dress code as members: their fees are the same as members plus a £5 day ticket, and they must provide a copy of their 3rd party insurance on the day. Actually it’s easier to join, and it only costs £30!

Non-members aged 14-17 are only allowed to compete if they are full members of the Pony Club (and have proof of this, e.g. a signature from their D.C.). Failure to provide this will invalidate the clubs insurance therefore they will be unable to compete.

Presentation of rosettes

Decide who is doing it, when and where and if mounted.  Tell your competitors and avoid making people hang around all day! Remind competitors that they can recycle their rosettes if they wish and a donation will be made to the North West Air Ambulance for each rosette returned.


Make sure your competitors know whether or not there will be refreshments at  events. At present this means checking if the cafes at Somerford and Alsager are open and if so what hours; if we decide to provide refreshments at any other venues it is our (the committee) job to inform you as organiser so you can incorporate the info into your answerphone message and inform your competitors, and make sure its clear on the website.

Accident book

Hopefully never needed but must be properly completed in the event of any accident of any significance.

Supplying Results

Results need to be submitted to Brook as soon as possible after the event using the online form (, preferably within 5 days. Queries regarding this form should be directed to Brook. The form requires the FULL NAME both Christian and surname for the rider, plus the horse’s name. Please give 1st to 6th placings and state the number of starters in each class. Brook will liaise with Lisa re points – as organiser you need only to send clear info to Brook!

There is also a form for Tim our Treasurer in the box – it is incredibly helpful for Tim to have this form accurately completed when he receives the money for your event – we have not been too good about this in the past – but from 2013 on……..!!!!

Dressage Judges

Gill Barnes is our Dressage judge organiser so liaise with her well before your event.  You are responsible for contacting the judges allocated informing them of timings and tests they are judging.  Organisers are to pay judges out of the entry fees and include the costs listed per judge on the financial sheet for the treasurer’s records. . If judges are professional they will usually ask for the fee at point of booking or contact with the organiser. If any are excessive (over £30) please inform Gill Barnes for future reference. If a judge is local it is at the organisers discretion as to what they will offer for mileage e.g £10 to cover costs.

Keep judges happy with lots of teas and coffees and cakes! A suggestion is to provide a flask and cups etc. in a basket at the beginning of the day so the judge has everything they require.

No Show Entries

In view of the cost of hiring venues such as Somerford and Alsager, the Club is not now able to accept withdrawals.  This will be made clear on the website and in the printed programme book, and it is the responsibility of the organiser to request and receive payment from any member unable to attend on the day.

No Show Helpers

Any member failing to report or turn up for his/her duty day should be noted on the Treasurer’s form sent to Tim  and also please  inform Alison by e-mail preferably after the event so that she can allocate additional days as appropriate.

Bringing non competing horses to events

This is acceptable only at the discretion and prior agreement of the organiser, and the cost of an entry fee (clear round) is the suggested amount that should be charged towards costs incurred by the club such as facilities, first aid etc.


In the organiser’s box there is a sheet which must be filled in for Tim the Treasurer – and this should get to Tim via Juliet or via the organiser as soon as possible, with the money counted and noted! Any deductions for course builders, judges must be noted.


Check for sensible behaviour on the day – especially no horses left unattended tied to boxes or trailers – THIS INVALIDATES OUR INSURANCE!!  You should also keep an eye on correct dress and behaviour!  No earrings, body piercings etc……Dogs and children on leads. Think about numbers in the collecting ring and make sure your helpers know what they need to do and how many people can be in one place at one time.


Please ask your collecting ring steward to make sure no children are loose in the collecting areas.  Little ones should only be in collecting/warm up areas in exceptional circumstances.

Practice fences

Make sure the practice fences are flagged red on the right – and the collecting ring steward keeps an eye that they are jumped in the correct direction (safety!!) – and that competitors know to pass left to left.