Area 20 Winter Dressage at Southview

The club had an excellent, albeit a long day.
Team “B” won, so we are off to Hartbury College on Saturday April 5th!

The team consisted of Debbie Round on a sparkling in every way Oscar, who was 3rd in her class. Jean Spearing (Cinderella is going to the ball), on Solly was 2nd in her section. Jo Whipp on Lady was, unfortunately, only 10th on this occasion, but are always worthy and reliable team members. Elaine Sutcliffe on Wulfie was 3rd in her class. Wulfie will be unable to go to Hartbury as he is competing at Weston Park horse Trials with Brook Staples that week-end.

Our “A” team were 2nd by only one point. Karen Watson on Billie was 7th, but always consistent. Carol Graham on Sergeant Pepper, who very uncharacteristically “threw his toys out of the pram” so was unplaced.

Dereth Bonell on Admiral was equal 1st. Julia Willan on Ulfrid also 1st in her section. The first time for both representing the Club! Unfortunately there is no individual championship in the winter otherwise they would go to Hartbury in their own right.

Well done to everyone!!

Juliet Foden (Chef d’ Equipe)

PS I hope this will inspire more members to apply for the Area Summer Dressage Teams at Prelim. , Novice,  Elementary and even Medium levels plus Riding Tests for non dressage minded folk!

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