Festival of the Hunter – Team ECCTG on top form

Well done and many thanks to Area 20 for managing to run the Festival of the Hunter Challenge 90, 100 and Pairs Qualifier – very short time frame after weather forced the abandonment of the scheduled Llanymynech event.  The Tushingham team sorted out a most enjoyable Arena Eventing after dispensation from Head Office to enable Area 20 representation at the Championships – weather still not brilliant so great to be able to ride in inside!  Ashley Daniels and Abba and Lucy Watson and Unicum rode with verve and dash in the Challenge 100 as individuals – a little too much dash as it turned out as they were both well inside (much too well!!) the optimum time!  However the Challenge 90 team (rather unkindly named the Mixed Bags) benefited from their experience and finished with 0 faults and all riders not too far away from the optimum time – Sarah Spearing and Timberwolf (individual 4th) Ashley Daniels and Ruby, Ruth Watson and Atinkerbell and Libby Richards and Holly – ably supported by Lucy Watson and Tyler who jumped beautifully HC after a little injury worry turned out to be no problem – won the Challenge 90 on 20 points – Dolfor second on 23, and East Clywdd third  – and will be representing us at the Festival Championships at Aston le Walls at the beginning of June.  A very good day – and the chef d’equipe would like to thank her team and individuals for looking after her and Holly so beautifully!  Finally a special and very important thank you to Juliet Foden who had the thankless task of checking vac certs and hats and body protectors – and starting at 8am!!  You are our heroine, Juliet!Studio_20160509_102941

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