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Wendy Ashton Combined Training, Sunday 14th October 2018


Prelim 2
1st Emma Dale Zuco Adelheidz 72.24%
2nd Sonya Ravenscroft Monty 71.03% (NM)
3rd Juliet Foden Molly 67.41%
4th Heather Boundy Sparky 66.90% (NM)
Prelim 14
1st Lucy Davies 72%
2nd Helen Walker Frontier 70.38%
3rd Matilda Wadeson JP 70.38%
4th Ciara McLellan Rory 70.19%
5th Kath Trueman Minnie Mouse 68.46%
6th Nicola Mann Woody 68.08% (NM)
Novice 27
1st Corrie McLellan Ballastra Van De Cumul 75.71%
2nd Caroline Basnett Tolantybe Z 72.68%
3rd Annabel Carthy Benny 70.54%
4th Emma Dale Zuco AdelheidZ 68.93%
5th Nicola Mann Woody 67.32% (NM)
6th Emily Hancock Penny Royale II 67.14% (NM)
Novice 28
1st Tyler Cassells Hendrix 79.79%
2nd Imi McCance Strattonstown Vision 77.92% (NM)
3rd Abi Unwin Junior 73.54%
4th Tyler Cassells Red 68.13%
5th Kitty Taylor Hope over experience 66.88% (NM)
6th Emily Hancock Penny Royale II 65.85% (NM)
Elementary 44
1st Brook Howells Corey 68.20%
2nd Beth Wood Coolcom Bell 63.10% (NM)
3rd Annabel Carthy Mouse 62.40%
Medium 69
1st Annabel Carthy Marmalade 68.18%
2nd Brook Howells Corey 64.39%

Show Jumping

1st Sasha Smith (NM)
2nd Harry Harthey (NM)
3rd Juliet Foden Molly
1st Gwen Robinson Jamieson
2nd Lucy Davies Shanney
3rd Libby RIchards Holly
4th Sasha Smith (NM)
5th Jo Harris Louis
6th Keira Bradley Drummer Boy (NM)
1st Annabel Carthy Benny
2nd Corrie McLellan Ballastra Van de Cumul
3rd Ciara McLellan Rory
4th Sarah Hedge Lizzie (NM)
5th Abi Unwin Junior
6th Caroline Basnett Tolantyne Z
1st Sarah Hedge Hope over experience (NM)
2nd Tyler Cassells Red
3rd Imi McCance Strattonstown Vision (NM)
4th Tyler Cassells Red
5th Abi Uniwin Junior
1st Brook Howells Corey
2nd Beth Wood Coolcom Bell (NM)

Combined Training

Prelim 2 & 70cm
1st Sonya Ravenscroft Monty 206 (NM)
2nd Juliet Foden Molly 195
3rd Heather Boundy Sparky 182 (NM)
Prelim 14 & 80cm
1st Lucy Davies 187.5
2nd Ciara McLellan Rory 182.5
3rd Andrea Houlbrooke Miss Suave 178.5
4th Kath Trueman Minnie Mouse 178
5th Helen Walker Frontier 175
6th Keira Bradley Drummer Boy 173.5 (NM)
Novice 27 & 90cm
1st Corrie McLellan Ballastra Van De Cumul 212
2nd Caroline Basnett Tolantybe Z 203.5
3rd Annabel Carthy Benny 197.5
4th Nicola Mann Woody 188.5 (NM)
5th Emily Hancock Penny Royale II 188 (NM)
Novice 28 & 100cm
1st Tyler Cassells Hendrix 191.5
2nd No Strattonstown Vision 187 (NM)
3rd Abi Unwin Junior 176.5
4th Tyler Cassells Red 163.5
5th Sarah Hedge 160.5 (NM)
Elementary 44 & 110cm
1st Brook Howells Corey 162.5
2nd Beth Wood Coolcom Bell 155.5 (NM)
Medium 69 & 120cm
1st Brook Howells Corey 208.5


Membership renewals

Membership renewals are due by November 1st – online payment can be made via Horse Monkey  or direct via BACS (please contact Alison Unwin for details)

28th October – Dressage Tests

The dressage at Somerford Park Farm on 28th October (a change to the original schedule of show jumping) will have the following tests:

Prelim 15 (2008 rev 2016)
Prelim 18 (2002 rev 2016)
Novice 27(2007)
Elementary 42 (2008)

Medium 63 (2002)

Queries to Alison Unwin, entries must be made in advance – via Horse Monkey or Brook Howells.

Upcoming qualifiers

Arena Eventing – LAST CALL – 70, 80, 90 or 100 cms teams and individuals.
27-28th October at Llanymynech. Deatils in the schedule and BRC Rule Book. Contact Libby before 27th September please.

Novice winter dressage – prelim [2 (2016) and 7 (2002)] or novice [24 (2010) and 27 (2007)] teams and individuals.
3rd November at Somerford.
If you wish to compete let Juliet know before October 01477 571773

Juliet will require:
1)      Your name
2)      Horses name and passport number.
3)      Number of British Dressage Points, if any.

Update: First Aid training – two spaces still available

If you are interested in gaining a nationally recognized Emergency First Aid Qualification with equestrian specific supplement, we are hosting a one day course on Monday October 22 nd run by Medi-K Training.

Please contact Libby Richards – – as soon as possible for further details and to reserve a place.

Calendar alteration – 28th October and 3rd November

The competition due to be held on 28th October – originally show jumping – has been changed to a dressage competition. Details of the tests, and the link to enter via horse monkey, will be available soon…

Anyone wishing to represent the club at the novice winter dressage qualifier, please note that this has moved to Saturday November 3rd (from Sunday November 4th) due to a clash with the show jumping qualifier.

Show Jumping at Kelsall – Sunday 9th September

Show jumping at Kelsall on Sunday 9th September starts at 1pm.

Clear round followed by classes at 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 1m, 1.1om and 1.20m.

£10 per class for members, £12 non-members – plus you get a discount on the Kelsall facilities!