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SJ Clinic 2nd December

12:00 Sue O Leary, Jane Valentine, Libby Richards

12:45 Ciara McLellan, Corrie McLellan, Gwen Robinson

13:30 Sally Raw Rees, Brook Howells, Olivia Peck

Wendy Ashton Combined Training

70cm combined training

1stPhilippa HamiltonCappa Cavella132.5 + 0(NM)
2ndChloe BeardLunds Rum Punch130.5 + 0
3rdCiara McLellanTwix133.5 – 4
4thJane ValentineDraco128 + 0
5thJosh HaynesWalter139 – 12(NM)
6thMillie HowarthBelle116 + 0(NM)

80cm combined training

1stTyler CassellsDanny211.5 + 0
2ndPhilippa HamiltonCappa Cavella208.5 – 4(NM)
3rdCorrie McLellanBallastra Van De Cumul203.5 + 0
4thJessica FleetKing Proffs (Norman)201 + 0(NM)
5thclaire rostonHollyrock gunpowder205.5 – 8(NM)
6thAshley DanielRuby195.5 – 4

90cm combined training

1stTyler CassellsDouglas198 + 0
2ndSarah SpearingTimberwolf201 – 4
3rdJosh HaynesArcher193 + 0(NM)
4thJosh HaynesCandyman z192.5 + 0(NM)
5thNiamh BrownKapowairua188 – 0(NM)

100cm combined training

1stBrook HowellsCorey201 + 0
2ndVictoria WilsonArmani187.5 + 0
3rdJo GloverCORREAL Sammy166 + 0

110cm combined training

1stSally JamesCooley on Trend193.5 – 4(NM)
2ndDavid LlewellynHarthill Edward193 – 4(NM)
3rdSally JamesCooley Blue196 – 8(NM)

Prelim 1

1stJosh HaynesChance77.63%(NM)
=2ndLucy DaviesShaneey76.32%
=2ndJane AshmoreEarl Grey76.32%(NM)
4thJosh HaynesWalter73.16%(NM)
5thCiara McLellanTwix70.26%
6thPhilippa HamiltonCappa Cavella69.74%(NM)

Prelim 17A

1stTyler CassellsDanny72.93%
2ndPhilippa HamiltonCappa Cavella71.89%(NM)
3rdClaire RostonHollyrock gunpowder70.86%(NM)
4thJane AshmoreEarl Grey70.44%(NM)
5thLucy DaviesShaneey70.34%
6thCorrie McLellanBallastra Van De Cumul70.17%

Novice 22

1stSarah SpearingTimberwolf69.31%
2ndTyler CassellsDouglas68.27%
3rdJosh HaynesArcher66.55%(NM)
4thJosh HaynesCandyman z66.37%(NM)
5thNiamh BrownKapowairua64.83%(NM)

Novice 37A

1stBrook HowellsCorey74.44%
2ndVictoria WilsonArmani69.44%
3rdGemma KippenSmudge67.59%(NM)
4thJo GloverCORREAL Sammy61.48%

Elementary 45

1stDavid LlewellynSea Sam Bellamy70.17%(NM)
2ndSally JamesCooley Blue67.59%(NM)
3rdSally JamesCooley on Trend66.72%(NM)
4thDavid LlewellynHarthill Edward66.57%(NM)

Dressage to Music Qualifier

Dressage to Music Area Qualifier at Myersough College, Sunday 10th December

Queries and entries to Corrie please –

Classes from prelim to advanced medium and a pairs class too!

Qualifier for the championships at Bury Farm, 8th-10th March 2024

Jumping clinic 2nd Dec with Tyler

For ECCTG members only; 1 hour lesson in groups of 4 at Arclid Hall, £20 per person.

Places can be booked via horsemonkey

15th October SJ at Somerford


1stAimee HulmeEbbwshaw Chip(NM)
2ndLibby RichardsSky
3rdAshley DanielRuby
4thChristine GuildfordLily
5thJane ValentineDraco
6thRoma WilliamsSam’s star(NM)


1stAbigail UnwinGlencarrick
2ndBecky BedfordBeau
3rdAmanda LyneCosmopolitan(NM)
4thCorinne SavillLudo
5thCharlie Wellswin over clover
6thAshley DanielRuby


1stAbigail UnwinGlencarrick
2ndOlivia CattonRingwood Curiosity(NM)
3rdLeonna MayorPascal
4thAmanda LyneCosmopolitan(NM)
5thTyler CassellsWildcat
6thTyler CassellsRingwood Cosmo


1stLeonna MayorPascal
2ndTyler CassellsRingwood Cosmo
3rdTyler CassellsWildcat


1stZennor HarveyShannondale Sylvester(NM)


1stZennor HarveyShannondale Sylvester(NM)

Points League Table

The points league table is hotting up as we come towards the end of the year… Trophies awarded to points winners in each level of dressage and show jumping. The detailed tables are here and current leaders are;


PrelimLucy Davies and Shaneey
Novice*New leader* Brook Howells and Corey
ElementaryTyler Cassells and Frederick
MediumLucy Watson and Tyler

Show Jumping

70cmLibby Richards and Sky
80cmElla Buchanan and Abba / Helen Shaw and Reuben / Ashley Daniel and Ruby
90cmSarah Whyte and Timberwolf
100cm*New leader* Leonna Mayor and Pascal
110cmAshley Daniel and Abba
120cmLucy Watson and Tyler

Dressage 8th October 2023

Prelim 1 2006

1stAnna WillsBallyneety My Master Clover70(NM)
2ndFreya CorkBambi69.7(NM)
3rdJuliet FodenSugar Pi63.4
4thKaren WatsonMy Lady Lulu61.92(NM)
5thSuzanne BensonEmerald59.7(NM)

Prelim 2 2016

1stLucy DaviesShaneey68.97
2ndKiri OwenRedhill Music64.83(NM)
3rdGwen RobinsonJosie63.62
4thJuliet FodenSugar Pi59.66

Prelim 12 2016

1stCorrie McLellanBallastra Van De Cumul69.62
2ndCharlie Wellswin over clover69.07
3rdNiki BurnsJambiani68.88
4thDebbie FayCastlelawn Hendricks Blue68.14
5thLucy DaviesShaneey68.14
6thEllie BlytheAirtime66.6
Claire ThomsonWilf65
Kiri OwenRedhill Music64.07(NM)
Leah ConnorLaville Duggan Star65.18

Prelim 13 2016

1stDebbie FayCastlelawn Hendricks Blue68.46
2ndKatie BlundellCayenne z67.12(NM)
3rdLeah ConnorLaville Duggan Star65.38

Novice 24 2010

1stChenade CallaghanBounty71.08
2ndEllie BlytheMiss Indianna70.43
3rdAnna WillsBallyneety My Master Clover68.7(NM)
4thAbigail UnwinGlencarrick67.39
=5thPoppy BurgessGeorge66.52
=5thCiara McLellanTwix66.52
Charlie Wellswin over clover66.3
Ashley DanielRuby65.4
Shu YuyingAA62.6(NM)

Novice 27 2007

1stBrook HowellsCorey73.04
2ndAnna StonexBoo71.43(NM)
3rdCiara McLellanTwix70.71
4thAmy LennonLola70.71(NM)
5thChenade CallaghanBounty70.54
6thFiona McCannMonty70.54(NM)
Sarah SpearingTimberwolf68.98
Lisa DeavilleGlencarrick68.92
Victoria WilsonArmani67.32
Ashley DanielRuby66.42
Poppy BurgessGeorge61.6