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Wendy Ashton Times 2019

Times are available here. Good luck to everyone competing at this event. Show jumping classes can be entered on the day.

SJ, Kelsall, Sept 15th 2019

1stSophie MartinDigby(NM)
2ndJuliet FodenMolly
1stAshley DanielRuby
2ndCatherine PritchardSky(NM)
3rdSonya RavenscroftMonty(NM)
4thEmma LawtonMilly
1stAshley DanielRuby
2ndEmily PritchardLulu(NM)
3rdEllis MortonSammi
4thGwen RobinsonJosie
1stEmily PritchardLulu(NM)
2ndMacy GoodridgeRed(NM)
3rdRebecca MorreyRuby(NM)
4thAlex Hua TianSecret Picnic(NM)
1stGrace WallerHazel
2ndAshley DanielAbba
3rdEllis MortonSammi
4thAlex Hua TianHamlet(NM)

Dressage, Somerford May 12th 2019

Intro B
1stSally FilbyGalway Arctic Fox67.60%
2ndJane AshmoreCarnsdale Earl Grey67.20%
3rdRachel GorrodRoc63.70%(NM)
Prelim 2
1stJane AshmoreCarnsdale Earl Grey68.40%
2ndChristina StubbsTouch of Titanium68.30%
3rdJuliet FodenMolly66.20%
4thSally FilbyGalway Arctic Fox63.90%
5thMatthew RickhussHope62.60%(NM)
6thChristine GuildfordDream58.60%
Prelim 17A
1stCiara McLellanFlambeau70.60%
2ndJuliet FodenMolly66.20%
=3rdAshley DanielAbba66%
=3rdCelia RatheramBlue66%(NM)
5thLisa DeavilleCarrick65.80%
6thShirely CadwalladerThe Sauce Pot65.60%
Novice 23
1stCorrie McLellanBallastra Van De Cumul71.40%
2ndAshley DanielAbba68.30%
3rdCorrie McLellanFlambeau67%
4thEmma DaleZuco Adelheid Z63.30%
5thLisa DeavilleCarrick61%
Elementary 42
1stCorrie McLellanBallastra Van De Cumul70.10%
2ndSarah SpearingTimberwolf69%
3rdEmma DaleZuco Adelheid Z61.80%
Medium 73
1stRuth KennerlyThunder62.60%(NM)
2ndKaren ThackrayPenffridd Hooch61.40%(NM)

Novice Winter SJ Qualifier

Anyone wishing to represent the club at the winter novice SJ qualifier, please contact Gwen asap (07870 113191,

Southview, 17th November

Area Novice Winter Dressage November 3rd at Somerford Park

Team and/or individual tests – Prelim 7 or 12, Novice 28 or 30, Intro A (individual entry only).

If interested please send following info BEFORE OCTOBER 6th to

Test no (team or individual)  rider’s name and membership no

Horses name and passport no and last date of flu vac.

Show jumping, 14th July 2019, Kelsall Hill

1stJulie LucyCodie(NM)
2ndChloe BeardRum(NM)
3rdJosh HaynesAnnie
4thHelen DryCalino(NM)
5thFilip NygrenBertie(NM)
6thJudith HassanKitty
80 cm
1stMimi JonesEric(NM)
2ndCorrie McLellanVera
3rdCiarra McLellanRory
4thEllie JonesBella(NM)
5thOlivia Hoddessusie(NM)
6thGemma SumnerBen(NM)
1stLucy WatsonRongai
2ndMimi JonesEric(NM)
3rdJosh HaynesJames
4thEllie JonesBella(NM)
5thCorrie McLellanVera
6thCiara McLellanRory
1stJosh HaynesPippa
2ndAlison UnwinRongai
3rdJosh HaynesHarry
4thJosh HaynesGeorge
1stAshley DanielAbba
2ndJosh HaynesHarry
3rdHattie BarnesPod(NM)
1stAshley DanielAbba
2ndHattie BarnesPod(NM)

Show Jumping, 16th June 2019, Crossmere Farm

1stJo GloverSally
2ndCarla BrocklehurstBobby(NM)
3rdLinda FitzpatrickDeclan(NM)
=4thJane ParosGucci(NM)
=4thChloe BeardRum(NM)
1stCorrie McClellanVera
2ndJo HarrisLouis
3rdRachel LangStan(NM)
4thShirley CadwalladerSaucepot
5thMaxine LinasJess
6thJane BurnLucky(NM)
1stMax AustinSnowstorm(NM)
2ndFilip NygrenSeamus(NM)
3rdMaxine LinasJess
4thTaylor ThornonPaddy(NM)
5thJacklyn CliffCoco(NM)
=6thCorrie McClellan and Ciara McClellan
1stMark LynettDerby(NM)
2ndSian HowittMoney Counts(NM)
3rdTaylor Thornton Paddy(NM)
4thLucy WatsonTyler
1stTyler CassellsFlicka
2ndAbi UnwinEden
3rdSian HowittMoney Counts(NM)
4thJosh HaynesJack
5thJosh HaynesStephen
6thBrook HowellsCorey