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Duty Days

A reminder to all members:

It is mandatory for each member to do just 1 duty day per year. If you are unable to do this or cannot swap with another member then you will be required to pay £25 which will absolve you from your duty for the year. The money will be used towards the running costs of the competition.

Show Jumping, Somerford, 11th March 2018

1st Rachel Douglas Eve
2nd Sarah Major Grace
3rd Terri Danisevich Humdinger
4th Helen Walker Frontier
5th Lucy Filby Mo
6th Cath Doyle Sophie
1st Ella Buchanan Cole
2nd Holly Large Texas Butt
3rd Flo Fisher Zena
4th Rachel Douglas Eve
5th Terri Danisevich Libertina
6th Cath Doyle Sophie
1st Gwen Robinson Josie
2nd Ellis Morton Sammy
3rd Josh Haynes Harry
4th Imogen Story Harvey (NM)
5th Karl Hedges Flanders (NM)
6th Sally James Mayo (NM)
1st Ellis Morton Ella
2nd Kitty Taylor Phoebe (NM)
3rd Lucy Watson Tyler
4th Kitty Taylor Prince (NM)
5th Josh Haynes George
6th Josh Haynes Danny
1st Hattie McCance Lofty (NM)
2nd Martha Newall Tina (NM)
3rd Vicky Ardern Bebe (NM)
4th Andrea Morris Metropolitom (NM)
5th Josh Haynes Pippa
6th Alison Unwin Rongai
1st Josh Haynes Ruby
2nd Nicki Toomer Corey
3rd Hattie McCance Million (NM)
4th Jenna Cairns Brisca (NM)


Eventers dressage Sunday 4th March *Cancelled*

Unfortunately the dressage on Sunday has been cancelled due to the weather.

Anyone wishing to transfer their entry to a future competition (new programme to be finalised soon but next dressage will be in May) please let know by 7pm Sunday. If you want to transfer to the show jumping next weekend we will refund the £2 difference in cash on the day.
Refunds will then be processed after the weekend and will take 5-10 days to appear in your account after being actioned.

Duty Days – A Reminder

A reminder to all members that you are required to help at one competition a year – your duty day – and that it is your responsibility to check which competition you have been assigned to and to contact the relevant organiser at least a week beforehand to confirm your attendance.
If the date you are given is not suitable, it is your responsibility to arrange suitable cover or to swap your duty with another member (we would suggest putting a query on the facebook page or contacting those members assigned to a date you can help).

Although we have a strong central support group who turn up time and time again (thank you to those stalwarts!), we are reliant on the support of members completing their duty days to enable us to run competitions.

Show Jumping 18th February 2018

1st Nicola Brown Casper (NM)
2nd Fiona McCann McVitie
3rd Flo Fisher Zena
4th Andrea Ash Miss Swarve
5th Sarah Major Grace
6th Sharon Oakes Walter (NM)
1st Ella Stevenson Troy (NM)
2nd Ella Buchanan Cole
3rd Cora Higgs Blaze (NM)
4th Yvonne Watson Fritz (NM)
5th Darren Hegan Harry (NM)
6th Georgie Brown Iris (NM)
1st Sue O’Leary Argento
2nd Georgie Brown Iris (NM)
3rd Nicki Toomer Percy
4th Cyrus Kerfoot JR (NM)
5th Holly Booth Eva (NM)
6th Tamsin Palmer Twink (NM)
1st Lucy Hassall Bertha (NM)
2nd Abi Unwin Lulu
3rd Hattie McCance George (NM)
4th Holly Booth Harry (NM)
5th Josh Haynes Danny
6th Darcy Wilkinson William (NM)
1st Michael Owen Crocky (NM)
2nd Hattie McCance Lofty (NM)
3rd Lucy Hassall Bertha (NM)
4th Emma Lawton Leo
5th Josh Haynes Pippa
6th Martha Newall Tina (NM)
1st Ashley Daniel Abba
2nd Alex Hua Tian Don (NM)


Combined training and summer dressage teams

If you are interested in representing the club at either
1)      Combined training –  April 2nd       at Norley
2)      Summer Dressage on grass – July 29th   at Rodbaston

Please contact Juliet Foden ( with your name, RC membership no, contact no & email, horse’s name and passport no. and last vaccination date. Please also let her know if you want to be on a team or just compete as an individual.

Eventers Dressage – Sunday 4th February 2018


1st R Gray Gordon 32.0 (28.5 coll) (NM)
2nd A Lancashire Ballyvic 32.0 (28 Coll)
3rd S James Mayo 32.5 (NM)
4th S Hedges Molly 33 (NM)
5th S Yeates Colleens Comet 33.3 (NM)
=6th E Dale Butterlands Bazaar 33.5 (coll 26.5)
=6th A Dakin Caol Santiago 33.5 (coll 26.5)
BE 106
1st A Unwin Arley’s Dun Deal 25.5
2nd J Haynes Jack 28
3rd S Spearing Timberwolf 28.3
4th A Rimmer Haribo Starmix 28.5 (NM)
5th J Prestwich Picador 28.8
6th C McClellan Ballastra de Cumel 30.3
BE 112
1st C McClellan Balastra de Cumel 30.8
2nd H Barnes Patrick 31 (NM)
3rd E Woodhead Playboy 31.3 (NM)
4th V Lowe Ava 32 (NM)
5th A RImmer Haribo Starmix 32.3 (NM)
6th A Rimmer Liskillen Prince 36 (NM)
BE 115
1st E Woodhead Balou 28.2 (NM)
2nd A Unwin Arley’s Dun Deal 32.3
3rd J Dale Monty 38 (NM)
4th H Walker Frontier 38.4
5th Y Ingham Cavalier Venture 39.8 (NM)
FEI 1*
=1st R Gray Pumpkin 25.7 (coll 30.5) (NM)
=1st R Gray Wishes in the Sky 25.7 (coll 30.5) (NM)
3rd A Unwin Arley’s Dun Deal 30.4
4th E Lawton Mantra 32.2
5th T Barlow Rock n Roll 34.4 (NM)
6th R Gray Alf 34.8 (NM)
FEI 2*
1st E Woodhead Balou 27.1 (NM)
2nd E Lawton Mantra 32.2
3rd Y Ingham Rehy DJ 35.4 (NM)
4th S James Snap 37.1 (NM)
5th S Ecroyd Ringo 37.3 (NM)
6th Y Ingham Night Line 38.8 (NM)