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Competition and training update

We hope all of our members are staying safe and well, and that you are able to enjoy time on your horses to relax and exercise.

We are working towards restarting training and competitions but regret that with current restrictions and with our organisation being wholly volunteer run and supported we will not be able to have any fixtures at this time.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance so we recommend that you contact our regular trainers (Richard Long, Tyler Cassells, Jack Leese, Caroline Basnett) for some sessions – they are all running training and happy to help you get that centre line polished and leaving all the poles up, so you’re extra ready once we restart!!

**Calendar suspended**

Following a committee meeting on Tuesday 17th March (held virtually!), we have taken the decision to follow BRC/BD/BS guidance and suspend all training and competitions until further notice. We hope that all our members stay safe during this difficult time and look forward to being able to get back out riding as a club soon.

March 1st Dressage

Prelim 17a
1stRobyn GrayMonty74.31(NM)
2ndRichard CarruthersRadar69.48(NM)
3rdJane AshmoreTodd67.76
4thKath TruemanGame Over67.59
5thNikki MoffaCarnakily Cassanova66.9(NM)
6thJosh HaynesFangio WD64.31
Novice 28
1stJosh HaynesVoights Hanky Panky74.58
2ndClaire PhillipsCody73.13
3rdTyler CassellsBelle72.92
4thYvette HarrisonBlainroe Bindy72.71
5thJosh HaynesColby Kate71.46
6thJosh HaynesQuack71.24
Novice 38
1stClaire PhillipsCody70.99
2ndYvette HarrisonBlainrie Bindy70.16
3rdClaire PhillipsDunleckney Lark69.35
4thTerri DanisevichHumdinger HBC68.39
5thJosh HaynesColby Kate66.45
6thMatilda WadesonBeau65.48(NM)
Elementary 57
1stRobyn GrayGelukkig71.61(NM)
2ndBrook HowellsCorey65
3rdClaire PhillipsDunleckney Lark63.93
4thMichelle WalkerDaphne62.68(NM)
5th Sarah Spearing Timberwolf60.89
Medium 75
1stBrook HowellsCorey59.73

Show jumping postponed

SJ Competition planned for 8th March is postponed to 22nd March to avoid a clash with an area qualifier

Arena Eventing 2020

70 cm
1stLibby RichardsSky
2ndTrinity HalsteadCwmmallh Cardno(NM)
3rdLouise HeeneyHarry(NM)
4thEmma HyettGoose(NM)
5thDee chamberlainHugo(NM)
6thKate JohnsonMolly(NM)
1stSue O’LearyGeno
2ndSally Raw ReesGoldenJenson
3rdJanet FreemanCassie
4thKimberley CumminsJonah
5thKaren JacksonBelmont(NM)
6thAbigayle SpurrellJohnnys Lady(NM)
1stEmma WhittakerKindale Cock o the North(NM)
2ndSarah WrightGin(NM)
3rdEmily daviesSnap Crackle Pop(NM)
4thCorrie McClellanBallinstra Van De Cumul
5thSarah WhyteHarvey
6thSonya RavenscroftMonty(NM)
1stSarah WhyteTimberwolf
2ndCharlotte WhittakerMohill pizzicato(NM)
3rdSophie BarlowFlossie(NM)
4thEmma WhittakerKindale cocko’the North(NM)
5thEmily Davies, Snap Crackle Pop(NM)
6thTerri DanisevichHumdinger HBC
1stAlex CarrPipsqueek T(NM)
2ndLucy WatsonLord Tyler Bear Watson
3rdCaroline BasnettTolantybe Z
4thSarah WhyteTimberwolf
5thSophie BarlowFlossie(NM)

Sunday March 1st – Dressage times

Good luck to everyone competing!

Prelim 15

Prelim 17a

Novice 28

Novice 38, Elementary 57, Medium 75

** Upcoming Events **

22nd Feb: Arena Eventing at Kelsall – enter asap via Horse Monkey!

23rd Feb: Test riding clinic at Arclid – £35pp for a private lesson with Jo Glover; contact Lucy Watson for a slot

1st Mar: Dressage at Somerford – entries on Horse Monkey

7th Mar: AGM and Presentation Evening – tickets from Alison

22nd Mar: Show Jumping at Somerford – enter on the day

29th Mar: Test riding clinic at Arclid – £35pp for a private lesson with Jo Glover; contact Lucy Watson