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Show Jumping – 12th May


1stAshley DanielRuby
2ndLucy DaviesOlivia
3rdSue O’LearyCalculated Risk
4thKelly GoochGosdale Azzarro
5thRoma WilliamsBlondie(NM)
6thNicola O’ConnorCamelot Van’t Blijbosch Z(NM)


1stAshley DanielRuby
2ndGwen RobinsonJosie
3rdEmily BuckleyLagans OBOS Lassie
4thJane ValentineOatis
5thCaitlan AndrewsMorpheus(NM)
6thLucy DaviesOlivia


1stGwen RobinsonJosie
2ndRosie Fittonsimply Jack The Lad
3rdKate IsaacPetit Chablis(NM)
4thJane ValentineOatis
5thCaitlan AndrewsMorpheus(NM)


1stKate YoungKorky
2ndKate IsaacPetit Chablis(NM)


1stJanine BowlerHilary(NM)
=2ndKate YoungKorky(NM)
=2ndKate IsaacPetit Chablis(NM)

Upcoming qualifiers

If you want to be part of our fantastic teams – winning sashes and rosettes at national championships!! – you can get involved now;

SJ Qualifier (70cm-105cm and style class) – 8th June – Bold Heath – contact Gwen Robinson

Horse trials qualifier – (70cm-100+cm) – 6th July – Smallwood – contact Abi Uniwn

Dressage qualifier (Prelim-Medium plus riding test) – 27th July – Bold Heath – contact Corrie McLellan

** ECCTG are National Champions!! **

Congratulations to our fantastic dressage and show jumping teams who have taken the spoils at the winter championships!

Novice Winter Dressage – Team Champions; Ashley Daniel, Brook Howells, Corrie McLellan and Sarah Whyte

Individual placings all round too – Brook (1st in Nov27), Sarah (2nd in P12), Corrie (3rd in P7) and Ashley (7th in N24)

Intermediate Winter Dressage – Individual first place for Chloe Beard

Intermediate Winter Jumping – 105cm – Team champions; Georgia Oswell, Jo Glover, Nicki Waddup and Sam Jones

Individual placings for Nicki (9th) and Georgia (10th)

Next SJ Competition – 12th May

Clear round and classes from 70cm to 120cm – with an aim to be finished in time to watch Badminton!

Entries here

(For queries regarding member discount not applying, contact Brook).

SJ Sunday 31st March


1stGwen RobinsonJosie


1stGwen RobinsonJosie
2ndJane ValentineOatis
3rdLeah CrookCavalier Four For Joy(NM)
4thCaitlan AndrewsMorpheus(NM)


1stAbby JonesKing Champ(NM)
2ndSally Raw-ReesGoldies Jenson
3rdCorinne SavillLudo(NM)
4thJane ValentineOatis


1stOlivia CattonJulius(NM)
2ndLeah CrookCavalier Four For Joy(NM)
3rdAlison UnwinHendy


1stOlivia CattonJulius(NM)
2ndAbbey O’Toole-SweeneyKannans Miss Gemini(NM)
3rdEmily PlantCorreli Cruise(NM)
4thAlison UnwinHendy

Dressage 24th March

Intro B 2009

1stTara GodfreyPippa66.5% (66)(NM)
2nd =Sue JacksonLittle Clover Man64.1% (65)
2nd =Christine GuildfordLily64.1% (65)
4thLucy DaviesOlivia61% (63)

Prelim 17A 2017

1stAshley DanielAbba III69.3% (69)
2ndTyler SimpsonForever Graceful68.3% (69)(NM)
3rdCorinne SavillLudo67.1% (67)(NM)
4thRowena ButlerJackson65.5% (65)
5thLucy DaviesOlivia64.8% (65)
6thShelly TaylorBrogan60.0% (63)(NM)

Novice 37A 2017

1stBrook HowellsCorey71.3% (58)
2ndAlison UnwinCastlelawn Hendricks Blue70.0% (57)
3rdAshley DanielAbba III69.26% (56)
4thSamantha JonesMonemohill Dream67.96% (56)
5thLisa DeavilleGlencarrick67.8% (56)
6thMaddie BeckettAngus65% (53)(NM)

Elementary 53 (2007)

1stSamantha JonesMonemohill Dream65.3% (53)

BE90 92

1stSally Raw ReesGoldies Jenson25.25
2ndSarah ReedsDissington 2 Time26.75(NM)
3rdOliver RavenscroftWinston29.25(NM)
4thOlivia HammondMocha29.8(NM)
5thEmily PlantKillrush33.75(NM)
6thElla BuchananJackie35.75
Cris MiltonMillie37.5(NM)

BE100 106

1stPoppy HoldingMaysong23(NM)
2ndAlison UnwinCastlelawn Hendricks Blue25.8
3rdOliver RavenscroftWinston29.25(NM)
4thEmily PlantAzzy29.5(NM)
5thOlivia CattonJulius29.75(NM)
6thCarla BrocklehurstMay Fayne32.5

BENovice 112

1stJo HoldingEddy23.25
2ndJo HoldingAlfie30.25

SJ 10th March


1stAshley DanielRuby
2ndHelen ShawSandilands Silver
3rdGwen RobinsonJosie
4thClaudia HuttonMolly(NM)
5thErika GreenChic Pioneer
6thSue O’LearyCalculated Risk


1stAshley DanielRuby
2ndAmy LennonKenco(NM)
3rdGwen RobinsonJosie
4thJo GloverCarnakilly Cassanova
5thJane ValentineOatis
6thClaudia HuttonMolly(NM)


1stRachel SmithFortissimo B(NM)
2ndAmy LennonKenco(NM)
3rdSally Raw-ReesGoldies Jenson
4thJane ValentineOatis
5thCiara McLellanTwix


1stAlexa HollandDowne Right Rio(NM)
2ndSally Raw-ReesGoldies Jenson
3rdJessica HughesChloe(NM)
4thSamantha JonesMonemohill Dream
5thAlex AshmanHolyrood(NM)


1stJanine BowlerHilary(NM)
2ndSamantha JonesMonemohill Dream
3rdAlexa HollandDowne Right Rio(NM)
4thJessica HughesChloe(NM)
5thAlison UnwinHendy


1stLaura WilliamsMaster R Douglas(NM)
2ndZennor HarveyGraf Crusoe(NM)
3rdAlison UnwinHendy
4thJanine BowlerHilary(NM)


1stZennor HarveyGraf Crusoe(NM)