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Eventers dressage 5th February

Good luck to everyone competing.

Times for Sunday are here – updated 7pm Saturday evening – please double check your times

Forthcoming competitions

Details and entry links for all forthcoming competitions and training clinics are on Horsemonkey

Eventers dressage competition – 5th February

SJ training – 12th Feb with Tyler Cassells

Show jumping competition – 19th February

Dressage test riding – 25th Feb with Sarah Dobell at Higher Farm

Eventers dressage competition – 5th March

Show jumping competition – 26th March

January 22nd Show Jumping


1stMatthew GatfieldRueban(NM)
2ndBeckie SpurralRose(NM)
3rdAimee HulmeEbbwshaw Chip(NM)
4thKim MelvilleRosscon Hazy Lord
5thCath DoyleHill view Sophie
6thNatalie BrickGoldies Jenson(NM)


1stKatie MaveJessie(NM)
2ndSophia El-AdbChivas Regal(NM)
3rdElla BuchananAbba
4thAimee HulmeEbbwshaw Chip(NM)
5thHelen ShawRueben


1stLeonna MayorHorse(NM)
2ndSamantha FoxallMonemohill Dream
3rdShirley CadwalladerThe Sauce Pot
4thCarla BrocklehurstBobby


1stAshley DanielAbba III
2ndCaroline BasnettRVS Berlin
3rdEve LeslieOllie (NM)


1stAshley DanielAbba III
2ndEve LeslieOllie (NM)
3rdChenade CallaghanBounty (NM)

January 8th Dressage

Prelim 14
1stKate BarnesLouis73.20%(NM)
2ndVicky SmithPolly68.85%(NM)
3rdCiara McLellanFlambeau68.5%%
4thEmily AndersonShips Captain67.70%(NM)
5thVicky SmithKate67.12%(NM)
6thSarah BothamLagans Red Diesel63.46%
Prelim 15
1stEmma DaviesThe Stockman67.40%
2ndVicky SmithKanan67.00%(NM)
3rdRebecca BushGerrard’s Slip66.40%
=4thJo GloverCorreal Sammy65.60%
=4thDavid QuestShahani Valencia65.60%(NM)
6thKate BarnesLouis65.40%(NM)
Novice 37A
1stDavid QuestLet’s Go VD Withoeve73.70%(NM)
2ndSharon GlynnShanavour Boy71.48%(NM)
3rdEmma LawtonDinarthall Sea King70.93%
4thEmma DaviesThe Stockman68.89%
5thDavid QuestShahani Valencia67.41%(NM)
6thCorrie McLellanBallastra Van De Cumul66.48%
Elementary 59
1stLucy WatsonTyler65.46%
2ndDavid QuestLet’s Go VD Withoeve64.38%(NM)
Medium 61
1stRichard LongTyler72.41%(NM)
2ndLucy WatsonTyler69.14%
3rdHelen WalkerFrontier62.93%

Upcoming training;

Places still available on the 29th Jan flatwork clinic with Richard Long

New dates added:

12th February SJ Clinic with Tyler Cassells at Arclid
4 people per hour, £20pp (no HM fee)

25th February Dressage Test Clinic with Sarah Dobell at Higher Farm, Byley
Individual sessions
30min warm up, 30 min with Sarah to do test and get feedback and training
£27.50pp (no HM fee)
(20×40 and 20×60 arenas available-please let us know which test)

Places secured on payment via our horsemonkey page.

Intermediate dressage qualifier

Date: Sunday – 19 March

Venue: Radfords, Llanymanach – surface

Entry fee:  £25 team entry or £27 individual (payment will be set up on horsemonkey – link to follow)

Closing date:     Sunday, 19 February

Tests are team &/or individual to do below test:-

  • P18
  • N28
  • N30
  • E42

Eligibility for horses:-

  • Prelim & Novice up to 35 Elementary BD points & 0 Medium or above points
  • Elementary up to 35 Medium points & 0 Advance Medium or above points

All of above will also mean individual qualification if in a team, but members can enter two separate classes and nominate which is team and individually.

Other classes on the day:-

  • Medium 63 or Advanced Medium 93 *
  • Non qualifying warm up classes:-
    • Prelim D2 (2020)
    • Novice D10 (2020)

*if enough entries this will be split – eligibility for horses below:-

– Medium – unlimited Medium points – up to 35 points at Adv Medium

– Advanced Medium – unlimited adv Medium points & up to 50 Advanced or above

Championships date:     Saturday, 22 April  (same day as show jumping Intermediate Championships)

Venue:  Onley Equestrian, Rugby, WArwickshire

If you are interested please let me know on below email and detail:-

  • Email
  • Level of test/s (detail if just wanting to do one or also a second individually or even a warm up test)
  • Horse name (BD name so we can check BD points)

Dressage 27th November

Prelim 1 (2006)
1Eleanor-Mai HopkinsonJimmys Hope66.32%(NM)
2Sandra IvesWhiskey Chaser63.60%(NM)
3Kim MelvilleRosscon Hazy Lord61.58%
HCEmma DaviesBlue70.50%
Prelim 17A 2017
1Jo GloverCORREAL Sammy70.50%
2Rowena ButlerJackson70.30%
3Eleanor-Mai HopkinsonJimmys Hope66.70%(NM)
4Jane ValentineDollar Oats67.90%
5Debbie FayCastlelawn Hendricks Blue62.50%
Novice 23 2016
1Georgie BrownCottonopolis67.29%(NM)
2Jane ValentineDollar Oats66.04%
3Amy LennonLola65.83%(NM)
4Sara HunterMohurry Ger65.00%
5Deborah FayCastlelawn Hendricks Blue64.79%
6Lisa DeavilleCarrick64.58%
Emma DaviesThe Stockman63.96%
Ashley DanielAbba III63.33%
Sara lawtonCandyman z63.13%
Emma LawtonRoss62.71%
Emma DaleSilver Monty61.04%
Elementary 50 (2007)
1Sheila CoramSilver Skymaster67.50%(NM)
2Emma LawtonCoco Reef65.18%
3Ashley DanielAbba III60.89%
Medium 61 2002
1Emma LawtonMantra68.28%
2Sheila CoramSilver Skymaster65.69%(NM)
3Rebecca NicholsonUno II63.17%(NM)