Area Combined Training Competition – Easter Monday April 17th

Area combined training at Tushingham Arena, Nr Whitchurch

  1. a) PRELIM TEAM member or individual.
    Dressage BRC HT90/(2013)
    Show Jumps 75cm
    No BD points, if BE registered, not have been placed in the top 6 at 90cm or completed BE 100 BRC HT/CH 100
  1. b) NOVICE TEAM member or individual.
    Dressage BRC HT 100/(2013)
    Show Jumps 85cm
    Up to 124 BD points, no other restrictions

If you wish to compete, please contact JULIET FODEN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, giving name of horse, passport number and riding club number.

Tel 01477 571773, Email:

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