Member opportunity: Synergy in motion

Anyone interested in an informative evening with Jo Ruffell (personal trainer specialising in functional training, rehabilitation, postural strength and balance)? Jo has 18yrs industry experience and in more recent years has been working closely with clinicians such as chiropractic and physiotherapists as an ongoing channel of exercise therapy. Jo was also a rider so understands the aches and pains of riders and core strength required.
Jo has offered to deliver a 2 hour workshop for riding club members, to cover the following:
1) The effects upon the body of poor posture and bio-mechanical asymmetry
2) Methods in connecting with essential breathing and postural muscles
3) Common injuries/muscular weakness horse riders may experience and the possible reasons behind them
4) A programme of specific exercises to help fix/alleviate these problems and accompanying literature to take home. 
5) An invigorating and mobilising 45 minute Synergy class which incorporates strengthening, stretching and balancing exercises finished off with relaxation. 
To provide attendees with the knowledge of how to connect and activate the body more effectively in order to avoid both general and sports specific injuries/muscular discomfort.
To highlight common postural mistakes they may be making and corrective exercises to help alleviate stress and strain on the body and to  enhance their current training regime (not replace).
We are scoping members for interest; if you would like us to organise this workshop, let Alison know!

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