Competitions are back!

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding.

ECCTG Competitions will resume on 11th October with single phase show jumping at Somerford. Clear round and then classes 70cm-120cm. All entries to be made in advance here.

Open to non-members (15yrs+ on horses 14.2hh+) on purchase of a £5 day ticket (one per rider per show; available on horsemonkey under ‘special products’). Membership for the remainder of the year is £10; payable here.

It will be a little different and we’re new to running events under covid rules so please bear with us and respect the ECCTG team’s instructions:

  • Please wash hands frequently and cover mouth/nose when coughing/sneezing
  • Anyone with any covid symptoms should not be attending as a competitor or supporter
  • One rider and one support person only horse.
  • One owner per horse / Two owners per horse if from the same household, no further spectators.
  • Dogs NOT permitted at this time
  • The collecting ring will be limited to 10 horses and 6 people on foot (including ECCTG team on poo picking duty).
  • Gloves to be worn by anyone altering the jumps in the warm up and SJ main arena

We ask that competitors maintain social distancing when riding and, once you have finished competing, you leave the site as promptly as possible.

Note that Somerford’s current vaccination policy is 12 months – no lapses

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