Arena Eventing Qualifier 2022

Saturday 1st October at Kelsall Hill Equestrian

Please confirm if you would like to compete by e-mail to Libby (, giving your horse’s name as it is on the passport, horse’s microchip number and your membership number to make Libby’s life easier!

70,80,90 100 classes (you can check your eligibility on page 94 of the BRC Handbook
Entry fee is £30.50 per team member, £34.00 if an individual (Team= £10.50 prelim plus £20 Area, individuals are £12.00 prelim plus £22.00 Area). Payment via Horse Monkey; link coming soon

One helper per team or per 4 individuals must be provided. Some help will be needed the day before – if this suits anyone the sooner we volunteer the more likely we are to get it!

Hoping to arrange a training session in September if members like the idea!

Championships March 2023 at Aston le Walls.

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