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Presentation Evening – March 1st – Smallwood Primary School

This year we are holding the AGM and Presentation Evening separately.

The presentation evening will be on March 1st, 7pm, Smallwood Primary School. AGM date to be confirmed.

Tickets for the presentation evening are £10 each to include food – available via Alison or Horse Monkey (under ‘services’)

***Show jumping on Sunday postponed***

The show jumping scheduled to take place on Sunday (17th Feb) at Somerford has been postponed – new date to be announced ASAP.

Eventers Dressage, Somerford Park Farm, Sunday 3rd February

Eventers Dressage BE 92
1st Tyler Cassells Carrick 23
2nd L Smith UCS Subaru 26 (NM)
3rd C Taylor Lola 26.8 (NM)
4th Josh Haynes Steve 28
5th Vicky Hurford Taylor 29.8 (NM)
6th Fiona McCann Hope de la Bouverie 30 (NM)
Eventers Dressage BE 101
1st Tyler Cassells Carrick 24.8
2nd Yvette Harrison Blainroe Bindy 25.8
3rd Claire Phillips Dunleckney Lark 28.3 (NM)
4th L Smith UCS Subaru 29 (NM)
5th Ella Stephenson Alaw Hawks Cruise 30.8
6th Vicky Wilson Armani 30.8 (NM)
Eventers Dressage BE Novice 115
1st Robyn Gray Harrison 28.8 (NM)
2nd Josh Haynes Jack 29.3
3rd M Wain Oscar 29.8 (NM)
4th Hattie McCance Strattonstown Visiom 30.5
5th A Rimmer My Knockillaree Conquistador 31.3 (NM)
6th A Stonex Boo 31.8 (NM)
Eventers Dressage BE Intermediate 115
1st Alison Unwin Arleys Dun Deal 27.3
2nd H Barnes Patrick 30.5 (NM)
3rd Josh Haynes To Love and Honour 34.1
4th Hatttie McCance Storm 37.1
5th Amy Lennon Cara 37.7 (NM)
6th E Woodhead Rooney 38.4 (NM)
Eventers Dressage FEI 1*
1st Emma Lawton Mantra 22.2 (NM)
2nd M Wain Oscar 29.1 (NM)
3rd H Barnes Patrick 29.6 (NM)
4th A Rimmer My Knockillaree Conquistador 32.4 (NM)
5th Robyn Gray Harrison 36.1 (NM)
Eventers Dressage FEI 2*
1st Emma Lawton Mantra 25.4 (NM)
2nd E Woodhead Playboy 28.2 (NM)
3rd J Lorbert Caprice 31.5 (NM)
4th E Woodhead Balou 33.7 (NM)
5th Josh Haynes Do You Ruby 34.2
6th Alison Unwin Arleys Dun Deal 36.5

Eventers dressage

On the day organiser for dressage tomorrow is Sue O’Leary; 07786 110071

A reminder to everyone that there is a temporary horse route to the arenas whilst building work continues on the yard – pedestrians can take the normal route but horses need to go round the back of the ash arena and round the back of the new indoor.

Arena Eventing, Kelsall Hill, Jan 26th 2019

1st Juliet foden Molly
2nd Julie Lucy Codey (NM)
3rd Gemma Sumner Ben (NM)
4th Jacqueline Brown Gold
5th Clare Taylor Tetley (NM)
6th Zoe Pugh (NM)
80 cm
1st Shirley Cadwallader Kellys Hill
2nd Ella Buchanan Johnny Hero
3rd Libby Richards Holly
4th Ashley Daniel Ruby
5th Sue Oleary Geno
6th Abigail Unwin Dexter
1st Holly Ridgeway Rose (NM)
2nd Abigail Unwin Orla
3rd Lucy Blumberg Veideer (NM)
4th Caroline Basnett Tolante B
5th Anna Wills Aliolis Reuben
6th Ashley Daniel Ruby
1st Alison Unwin Rongai
2nd Natasha Anson Irish Konnection (NM)
3rd Ashley Daniel Abba
4th Leigh Cookson Dexter (NM)
5th Sarah Healing Pippa (NM)
6th Ciara McLellan Vera
1st Ashley Daniel Abba
2nd Josh Haynes Jack
3rd Hattie McCance Danny
4th Josh Haynes Love and Honour
5th Natasha Anson Irish Konnection (NM)
6th Caroline Basnett Newmarket Diamond

Arena Eventing, 26th January, Kelsall Hil

Times are published and a reminder of the rules.

Good luck to everyone competing!

Show Jumping, January 13th 2019, Somerford Park Farm

1st Natalie Dean Jambo (NM)
2nd Nicola Beckett Helium (NM)
3rd Jo Glover Sammy
4th Jamie Richards Misty (NM)
1st Corrie Mclellan Vera
2nd Ella Buchanan Coal
3rd Libby Richards Holly
4th Jo Harris Louie
5th Gwen Robinson Jamie
6th Juliet Foden Molly
1st Sally Rawree Jenson
2nd Jo Harris Louie
3rd Corrie Mclellan Vera
4th Ashley Daniel Ruby
5th Ella Stevenson Ned (NM)
6th Gwen Robinson Jamie
1st Lucy Watson Tyler
2nd Alison Unwin Rongai
3rd Penny Baxter Zak (NM)
4th Ella Buchanan Coal
1st Ashley Daniel Abba
2nd Hattie McCance Loftie
3rd Alison Unwin Rongai
4th Lucy Watson Tyler
1st Ashley Daniel Abba