Show Jumping 13th June

1stClaire DayFrankie0/32.5
2ndLibby RichardsSky0/34.19
3rdCiara McClellanBallastra4
4thJuliet FodenMollys Bloom4 (r)
5thAnna WillBallyneety My Master Clover8(NM)
1stElla BuchananJohnny Hero0/32.87
2ndEmma SilmanMaggie0/35.32
3rdKim CumminsPengoch Jonah0/38.37(NM)
4thFlo FisherMilton0/59.81
5thEmma SilmanCoby4/50.94
6thSue O’LearyArgento4/54.41
1stSue O’LearyArgento0/32.82
2ndCiara McClellanBallastra0/34.87
3rdHannah RushJohn Rees0/38.50
4thRowena ButlerDelight0/47.69
5thSarah SpearingHarvey4/58.00
1stSarah SpearingTimberwolf0/33.75
2ndHannah MullinerKatie4/63(NM)
3rdCiara McClellanBallastra4/65
1stLucy WatsonTyler4/86
2ndHannah MullinerKatie12/62(NM)
3rdBrook HowellsCorey16/95
1stLucy WatsonTyler

Dressage: 6th June

Prelim 15
1stJo HoldingCHS Starlet70.80%(NM)
2ndSarah BothamSky X67.20%
3rdLisa DeavilleCarrick67.00%
4thJuliet FodenMollys Bloom66.20%
5thJo HoldingKarl66%(NM)
6thLucy FilbyRollo’s Reflection65.20%(NM)
Novice 37A
1stSarah SpearingTimberwolf68.33%
2ndBrook HowellsCorey65.93%
3rdCorrie McClellanVera65%
4thVictoria WilsonArmani64.07%
5thHannah RushJohn Rees62.96%
6thJane AshmoreEarl Grey58.70%(NM)
Elementary 57
1stCorrie McClellanVera69.22%
2ndSarah SpearingTimberwolf65.31%

Area Horse Trials!

Anyone wanting to do the Area Horse Trials please email ONLY Abi (

  • Each rider must provide a helper for the day.
  • This is for existing members only 
  • Entries to Abi by 4th June

Forthcoming Competitions

Both competitions below to be held at Somerford;

6th June: Dressage (previously advertised as show jumping)

Prelim 15 (2008) (revised 2016)
Novice 37A (2017)
Elementary 59 (2010)

Enter here

13th June: Show jumping

Two phase, heights 70cm (clear round) to 120cm

Enter here

New Result: Dressage 16th May

In memoriam: Bryan Struss

We are greatly saddened to hear of the death of Bryan Struss, who has been an ECCTG member for over fifty years. His association with our Club and the interest, time, work and service he contributed have been remarkable – he was a committee member from 1973 to 1976, Treasurer from 1976 until 1983, Chairman from 1983 until 2001 and President from 2001 until 2013 when he retired from the position. He maintained his interest and support in retirement – kept a close eye on us and was always delighted to hear of Club activities and successes. He was a member of the Area 20 Committee and then held the position of Chairman, and was a prominent figure in Northern Dressage and at local BE events, particularly Bradwall. His Dressage scoring was legendary – Bryan had only to look at a sheet and it was done!!

It is indeed the end of an era for the ECCTG; his special award given each year for particular contribution to the Club in any capacity is now a fitting commemoration as he takes his place in the Riding Clubs Hall of Fame.

Dressage competition – 16th May

New competition added to the calendar; 16th May at Somerford. Prelim, novice and elementary, all long arenas

Entries via horsemonkey