Dressage competition, Arclid, 12 August

P7 Restricted
1st Julia Bickerton – The Optimist
2nd Karen Watson – Billy
3rd Zoe Beresford – Rascalini
4th Victoria Wilson – Harry
5th Yvette Harrison – Silver
6th Alaine Beresford – Hugo

P7 Open
1st Nicki Toomer – April
2nd Nicki Toomer – Rascal
3rd Juliet Foden – Ozzie
4th Judith Hassan – Toby

Novice 27
1st Julia Bickerton – The Optimist
2nd Lisa Thomas – Charlie
3rd Abi Claire – Wizz
4th Libby Richards – Holly
5th Alison Unwin – Pinky
6th Marie Parker – Dazzle

Elementary 50
1st Abigail Claire – Wizz
2nd Abi Unwin – Pinky

Medium 71
1st Rachel Gibson – Lemonade
2nd Judith Hassan – Bailey

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