Dressage, Somerford Park Farm, May 17th 2015


1st-Jo Glover-Teddy Edward73.16%

2nd – Claire MacKensie – Connor 71.58% (NM)

3rd-Alison Unwin-Rebel70.26%

4th-Juliet Foden-Molly69.77%

5th-Sarah Irving-Walter69.75%

6th-Abigail Unwin-Eric69.47%



1st – Claire MacKensie – Connor 69.55% (NM)

2nd – Clare Heap – Fabio 69.09% (NM)

3rd-Jo Glover-Teddy Edward68%

4th – Jane Strachan – Arvid 67.50% (NM)

5th-Juliet Foden-Molly66.13%

6th-Abigail Unwin-Eric65.91%



1st – Angela Antzoulatos – Dancing for Gold 70.77% (NM)

2nd – Clare Heap – Fabio 70.38% (NM)

3rd-Victoria Wilson-Harry69.81%

4th-Hannah Barnett-Mini68.55%

5th – Imogen Furlong – Fier D’Sier 68.27% (NM)

6th-Helen Cathro-Sergeant Pepper66.15%



1st-Brook Howells-Corey66.00%

2nd-Lisa Deaville-Pinky64.40%

These results contain two amends to the orignially published scores, following corrections.

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