Area Dressage Qualifier – July 11th

Our only team consisting of Hannah Barnett, Ashley Daniel, Charlotte Edmunds and Juliet Foden – all riding mares! –rode a new BRC test at Preliminary level. We came 2nd with 10 points to Bradley Dale with 6 points. Unfortunately, I don’t think we qualified as there were not enough teams.
Hannah was 1st in her arena, so hopefully has qualified for the Championships at Lincoln in September. Also she was our only competitor in the Riding Test, coming 2nd.
Ashley Daniel was 7th on our area, but because of the complicated scoring method, was 5th for team placings. Juliet was 5th in her area, but 4th for the team points. Charlotte was 9th in the final arena.
Brook Howells was the only individual in the Open section Elementary and came 3rd.

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