Eventers Dressage – Sunday 4th February 2018


1st R Gray Gordon 32.0 (28.5 coll) (NM)
2nd A Lancashire Ballyvic 32.0 (28 Coll)
3rd S James Mayo 32.5 (NM)
4th S Hedges Molly 33 (NM)
5th S Yeates Colleens Comet 33.3 (NM)
=6th E Dale Butterlands Bazaar 33.5 (coll 26.5)
=6th A Dakin Caol Santiago 33.5 (coll 26.5)
BE 106
1st A Unwin Arley’s Dun Deal 25.5
2nd J Haynes Jack 28
3rd S Spearing Timberwolf 28.3
4th A Rimmer Haribo Starmix 28.5 (NM)
5th J Prestwich Picador 28.8
6th C McClellan Ballastra de Cumel 30.3
BE 112
1st C McClellan Balastra de Cumel 30.8
2nd H Barnes Patrick 31 (NM)
3rd E Woodhead Playboy 31.3 (NM)
4th V Lowe Ava 32 (NM)
5th A RImmer Haribo Starmix 32.3 (NM)
6th A Rimmer Liskillen Prince 36 (NM)
BE 115
1st E Woodhead Balou 28.2 (NM)
2nd A Unwin Arley’s Dun Deal 32.3
3rd J Dale Monty 38 (NM)
4th H Walker Frontier 38.4
5th Y Ingham Cavalier Venture 39.8 (NM)
FEI 1*
=1st R Gray Pumpkin 25.7 (coll 30.5) (NM)
=1st R Gray Wishes in the Sky 25.7 (coll 30.5) (NM)
3rd A Unwin Arley’s Dun Deal 30.4
4th E Lawton Mantra 32.2
5th T Barlow Rock n Roll 34.4 (NM)
6th R Gray Alf 34.8 (NM)
FEI 2*
1st E Woodhead Balou 27.1 (NM)
2nd E Lawton Mantra 32.2
3rd Y Ingham Rehy DJ 35.4 (NM)
4th S James Snap 37.1 (NM)
5th S Ecroyd Ringo 37.3 (NM)
6th Y Ingham Night Line 38.8 (NM)

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