Wendy Ashton’s Combined Training, Somerford Park Farm, October 27th

Jumping results:

1st – Sally Filby (George)
2nd – Karen Watson (Billy)
3rd – Sarah Spearing (Timberwolf)
4th – Sharon Webb (Final Recognition)
5th – Juliet Foden (Molly)
6th – Aimee Hulme (My Best Bet)

1st – Sue O’Leary (Argento)
2nd – Nicki Toomer (April)
3rd – Alex Newton (Freddie) – Non member
4th – Sally Filby (George)
5th – Caroline Handley (GI Joe) – Non member
5th – Juliet Foden (Molly)

1st – Ashley Daniel (Toby)
2nd – Jo Glover (Samsara Gold)
3rd – Georgie Newton (Kal) – Non member
4th – Alison Unwin (Pinky)
5th – Nicky Toomer
6th – Tracey Howell (Danny)

1st – Lucy Watson (Unicum ) – Non member
2nd – Jo Prestwich (Theo)
3rd – Hannah Barnett (Mini)
4th – Brook Howells (Corey)
5th – Abi Unwin (Lunar Vision)
6th – Ki Ashmore (Flynn)

1st – Jo Glover (Moda)
2nd – Ashley Daniel (Abba)
3rd – Alison Unwin (Rongai)
4th – Jo Prestwich (Theo)
5th – Brook Howells (Corey)

Dressage results:

Please click here for the dressage results.

Wendy Ashton’s Combined Training Results:

Please click here for the Combined Training Results.

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